Stylish Eve

Dear Dater,

As mentioned in “All About Eve” part of the thrill of online dating is the glamour and the gowns.  It gives Eves a great opportunity to dress up.  From what I’ve seen of Adams I’ve met, and grooming sites for Adams, this is the case for Adams too.

What to wear on the first date always looms large……. You’ve never met.  The date is dinner, or drinks, or a leisurely walk, or a coffee at a cafe.  You want to look good… but not over-dressed.  You want to blend in with Adam’s style…  but you have no idea of what that is.  One of my online dating friends would go to the restaurant, prior to the date, to check out the vibe and of course the dress code.  So if she didn’t blend in with Adam’s style she’d  at least blend in with the restaurant clientele.

When I was stood-up FOUR times I responded with a message – Oh well at least I can stop worrying about what to wear.

Date attire doesn’t only require thought for the outer layer.  Socks and Jocks Eve gives insights into some of Adams’ undergarments and gets you thinking about yours.

But back to those first impressions – Is it warm enough to wear that?  Does the style suit your body shape?  I have a favourite casual top I love to wear.  I was surprised to find that one Adam thought it looked like a top I’d feed the horses in.  So sometimes it seems getting  a second opinion might pay off.  Also do you feel comfortable in it?  This is not always physical comfort, but rather the poise to be graceful and elegant in your outfit.  At least if this is the case then the nerves of the first date will not have any competition from wardrobe malfunctions.

Sometimes jeans is my first choice for the first date.  I am greatly relieved when Adam tuns up in jeans too.  On other occassions I have met Adam for breakfast in a bakery wearing my stylish workwear.  By this I mean the work clothes I wear to hot-shot meetings, rather than every-day work wear.  I found out from Adam later that my dress to impress approach worked.

Do you dress to impress?

May it have the effect you desire.

Surely Eve


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