Suspicious Eve

Dear Dater,

Online dating gives you loads to be suspicious about.

There are questions around:

  • How many people Adam is dating?
    • (Is Adam with another Eve on the nights he doesn’t call?)
  • Why is Adam only returning texts once a day?
    • (Does Adam’s home life not expect him to be contacting other Eves?)
  • Why is Adam’s favourite time to text dinner time?
    • (Is Adam’s partner cooking dinner?)
  • Why does Adam claim his car is broken down… at the petrol station…. and never mentions it again?
  • Why does Adam only meet you for lunch, or in the afternoon?
    • (Who lives in Adam’s house he doesn’t want you to know about?)
  • Why doesn’t Adam share much information about himself?
    • (What is his life actually like?)
  • Why doesn’t Adam want you to meet his kids?
    • (What is Adam’s agenda?)

Trust me. I’m not being paranoid.  At the very least I know Adam is not sitting at home bored.

I am making comparisons with relationships that work – where Adam:

  • call you for chats in the evening
  • texts you for hours
  • is quick to invite you to his house
  • wants you to watch his favourite shows
  • invites you for sleep-overs
  • takes you on holidays
  • asks your advice on issues
  • fits you into his life.

So which do you prefer?

Surely Eve

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