Slice of Eve

Dear Dater,

With each Adam I meet I find it is like seeing a slice of myself – A reflection of my personality shining through Adam.  Sometimes it is humour and laughter.  Sometimes it is a serious intensity.  Sometimes it is laid-back simplicity.  Sometimes it is a fun-loving light-heartedness.

It is not always a reflection of personality – Sometimes it is shared passions, such as architecture or travel.  Sometimes it is a love of chocolate and cake.

With each reflected slice I see that some aspects of my personality are easier to be with than others.   I wonder if Adam sees himself reflected back……

I’m interested to see that this reflected slice of personality dominates our times together.  It is as if we quickly fit into this mirrored image – where the image remains unchanged.  It is as if the other elements of my personality are removed.  Again I wonder if Adams have this same experience – feeling that I represent aspects of them, but where the reflected slice of personality is not duplicated, it is supressed.

The refected slices I like the best are the ones that include laughter and sophisticated humour.

Let me know if this resonates with your experiences.

Surely Eve


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