Stood-up Eve

One Adam shared with me, that he was giving online dating a go because his friend had found a wife through online dating, in the past three years.  Adam showed his married friend his own online profile and the selection of Eves on the site.  Adam’s married friend commented that there were Eves on the site that had been there when he was looking.  Adam seemed to be surprised by this.  To him – just starting out – he was under the impression that all online daters would have found their dream partner (and be married) within three years.

The first time Adam and I spoke, I explained to Adam that online dating was not as simple as it seemed.   Adam and I continued to have many conversations over the phone.  Weeks later – the last time I spoke to Adam – I reminded him of my comment about online dating not being as simple as it seemed – After he had cancelled our arrangements to meet FOUR times, saying he didn’t know how single mothers do it.

Another Adam and I spoke on the phone for 20 minutes.  Adam told me about his interests, we exchanged stories and we arranged to meet.  Prior to the meeting I received a text – Adam had changed his mind – I wasn’t his type – he could tell from our conversation.  I was amazed this Adam could come to this view from a 20 minute phone conversation.

Perhaps it is this level of complexity that adds to the number of online daters still looking…… I suggest that your chances of meeting a great person increase if you actually meet………

Enjoy your journey – however long or short.

Surely Eve


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