Statistics Eve

Dear Dater,

I’d love your help to fulfil one of my passions.  I’d love you to fill out the surveys on my blogs and ask your online dating friends to complete them too.  My plan is to give us all a great view of online dating from around the world.  An online dating friend and I were laughing recently about this site – where my love of numbers and statistics turns online dating into numbers and spreadsheets.  Please select your answer for the surveys and select the ‘Vote’ button.

My understanding of statistics has helped me continue my online dating journey.  The reality is that to meet “Mr Adam Right” statistics are not on my side, or anyone else’s. This gives me a realistic expectation of hitting the online dating jackpot of having a relationship with Adam. Streets are two way Eve explains this from another perspective.

One online dating profile I read contained a specific number on the odds for meeting your perfect partner.  Although I don’t think I should adopt a specific number I do think 1 in 1000 is in the ballpark.  Maybe I’m being pessimistic.  Or maybe I’m being realistic…..

While you’re searching for the perfect Adam enjoy the journey.

May you find many novelty ways to enjoy your passions.

Surely Eve

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