(Non)-Smoking Eve

Dear Dater,

My biggest ‘make or break’ is that my Adam is a non-smoker.  It intrigues me that the ‘non-smoker’ label, selected in Adams’ online dating profile, can be deceptive.  Signs of this deception include the Adam who jumps out of bed very early in the morning, instead of selecting alternate pastimes.  Suddenly the back garden becomes very appealing.  The smell is also an obvious sign.  One Adam bought his ‘coffee’ from the petrol station…. Coffee conneisseurs I’ve met aren’t racing to petrol stations.  Another Adam only used ‘electric’ cigarettes, so couldn’t understand why his clothes smelt.

Lying beside one Adam, a permeating smell seemed to come from a rotting core inside him.  The smell stayed with me the following morning.  I was pissed off.  Adam had many attributes, and we seemed to be compatible in other ways.

I’m guessing that Adams select ‘non-smoker’ as it gives them more Eves to choose from.  To me, however, starting a relationship with the lie of being a non-smoker who smokes is not going to cut it.

May your Adam have the smoking habits you desire.

Surely Eve

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