Socks and Jocks Eve

Dear Dater,

Years ago I heard about people wearing their best underwear when they started dating.  To me, this makes a lot of sense.  I laughed with one Adam whose jocks were so multi-faceted and large.  There were more pieces in his jocks than in a tailored jacket.  I wondered:  if these were his best undies, what would his worst be like.

Another Adam wore no jocks at all.  My theory on this was to make sure his current partner wouldn’t miss his undies in the wash.  His safeguard was to have fully buttoned-up jeans.

Some Adams wear boxer shorts, with others preferring the Bonds variety.

One Adam wore socks with playboy bunnies.  Another told me to remove my socks because they were a turn off.  I would have thought my freezing cold feet were more of a turn off, but each to their own.

Bring out your best jocks.

Surely Eve

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