Sexy Eve

Dear Dater,

“We’re average you know” Adam

“Average for what?” Eve

“We are sleeping together on the third date and that is the average” Adam.


This is an interesting statistic to know – but the reality is that two people can make the choice to have sex at any rate the two of them choose.  Sometimes this is sooner.  Sometimes it is slower.

For me ensuring sex is sensual is the most important factor.  Both of you want to be there.  Given the pleasure sex can bring there are many reasons the both of you would want to be there.

In my naivety and depravity, when I started online dating, sex was definitely a focus for me.  I learned that Adams had gained a lot of knowledge about Eves , while I had been out of the dating scene.  I learned some Adams had one bed for sex and one bed for sleeping.  I learned that Adams cheating on their partners are faster to have sex.  I learned that some Adams don’t see ‘much action’.  I learned that a great deal of pleasure can be had from sex.  I learned that sex is another form of my senses and lenses and subconscious. I found sex can complicate issues.

The measures of whether:

  • you are having sex
  • or aren’t having sex
  • the sex is quality sex
  • or are you the only partner of Adam at the moment…

all play on the mind of online daters.  There are no rules for online dating. It is up to you and Adam to establish the rules that suit you both.

Wishing you many pleasurable moments.

Surely Eve

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