Speechless Eve

Dear Dater,

So what do you say when ‘that’ time comes?  You’ve met Adam on a couple of dates. Things are going well.  You think he’s ‘your type’.  He seems to agree….. You’re now on the lounge together.  Dinner is over.  The tour of your house / or his house has finished.  The coffee cups are on the coffee table.  There’s no longer anything to clutch onto….. except…….

This moment is tricky.  My favourite line was:

  • Do you want to get romantic?

One Adam actually told me, that a previous date had told him, that she was paying for a babysitter, so could he please get on with it.

I’ve written a note to one Adam, inviting him to  a sleep-over.  Others I’ve kissed goodnight on the doorstep…. until I felt that the doorstep didn’t seem like the place to be.  With others we’ve moved naturally from the kitchen, down the hallway, into the bedroom.

Often this isn’t the time for words – so stop worrying so much about it – be in the moment.

Have a fabulous night.

Love and best wishes.

Surely Eve

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