‘S Meeting Time Eve

Dear Dater,

First, it is important to state that if you don’t want to meet Adam – DON’T!

There will be a group of Adams that you don’t want to meet in a million years.  After this group has been struck off your list, there will be another group of ‘this Adam sounds interesting’.  I send these Adams a hello message. From here I find out if Adam returns my responses, and then ask a few questions.  Responses at this time may vary.

Sometimes Adam:

  • vanishes off the face of the earth
  • doesn’t notice you asked questions, and provides you with other information
  • provides responses to your questions that intrigue you.

When Adam intigues me, I meet Adam.  Meeting Adam gives you a better idea of who Adam is than a month of email exchanges.  I heard a quote on radio one day that hearing a person playing a musical instrument was the equivalent of 100 conversations.  It is similar for online dating, where meeting a person provides you with a much greater understanding of Adam, compared to email exchanges.  Seeing, hearing and dating Adam is the way to find out what he is really like.

Meeting Adam is an exciting time.  My ‘swanning‘ has set up my expectations.  Meeting Adam safely has me in cafes or restaurants hearing about all sorts of topics – some of my favourites: world travel; building plans; gardening exploits; lost family fortunes; real estate tips; renovation successes; renovation failures; and favourite holiday destinations.

Some of my least favourite topics: reasons for breaking up with the ex; unfortunate ex-in-laws; lists of items owned; and impacts of drug taking.

When I meet Adam I not only learn about these topics, I also find out about his sense of humour.  I see Adam’s smile and Adam’s eyes.  I always look for sparkling eyes.

When you are ready, meet Adam.

Surely Eve

PS.  I am yet to hear an Adam play a musical instrument, but dream of the day.

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