Scam-free Eve

Dear Dater,

Online dating is used by scammers.  According to TV shows I’ve seen, one popular scam is for the Adam at the other end of the dating site, making a ‘strong’ connection with Eve (you), via email.  Adam never meets Eve (you).  Then Adam dies.  A message comes from Adam’s lawyers saying that Eve (you) will be receiving a large sum of money from Adams estate.  Adam left it to you in his will.

This is the beginning of extortion where Eve (you) are asked to supply an amount of money to release your ‘bequest’.  Apparently many Eves are taken by this story, resulting in the payout of lots of money by Eve.  Eve never receives any money.

One show I watched had an Eve who was told about the scam.  This Eve had already paid out extraordinary sums of money.  Despite being informed about how the scam worked, Eve continued to pay money, in hope that the fictitous large sums of money would finally come her way.  As an onlooker I can’t believe that people are actually taken in by this.  But they are.


  • pay money to ‘help’ Adams
  • pay money to release money ‘promised’ to you
  • give out your bank account or credit card details to Adams.

I possibly came close to a scammer in one Adam whose situation seemed out of control:  He had no job; his rental property – in another country – was about to be empty; his mother was dying – he hadn’t seen her for years and wanted to see her soon; and he needed to find a new place to live.  One of my friends summarised this well.  “Life’s too short for all of that”.

Stay out of scams way.

Surely Eve


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