Selective Eve

Dear Dater,

Responding to requests from Adams can be made very easy.  Photos are definitely a make or break for me.  Would I want to hang out with an Adam who looks like that?  Sometimes the answer is ‘Yes’ and sometimes ‘No’.  Other makes of breaks for me include Adams who want an Eve between 18 and 120, or select every possible alternative.  For example – blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes, smoker, non-smoker, trying to quit, has kids, undecided, wants kids etc.  For me I’d rather meet an Adam who is more specific than that.  Another make or break for me is the Adam who is online every moment you visit the online dating site – whether it be morning, noon or night.

I respond positively to Adams who:

  • include appealing photos
  • are specific about their intended partner
  • visit the site now and again – rather than constantly
  • are able to string sentences together
  • specify an age range with a span of no more than 10 years.

Just to let you know it’s OK – because everyone has a different idea about ‘appealing’ photos!

Follow your heart.

Surely Eve

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