Standards Eve

Dear Dater,

Answering multiple questions for online dating sites is supposed to help match you with compatible Adams.  This is good in theory.  I was unimpressed with the non-descript calibre of the questions to assist this matching.  The following question gives an indication of what I mean:

  • Do you eat…
    • fast-food burgers, or
    • fast-food chicken nuggets?

By picking one of these two options, you could be matched with your perfect partner? REALLY?????

I do admit that I had incredible success on my very first date from a matching online dating site.  We had four dates in five days.  We really hit it off and continued to date for months.  When this relationship ended I had great beliefs in the matching of the online dating site.  This belief was blown as I was matched with Adams who had only entered their names.  Actually, although I chatted with Adams on the site, over six months, I never met up with another Adam from that site.

May your personaility do the matching for you.

Surely Eve

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