Setting up Your Profile Eve

Dear Dater,

So I type my selected online dating name into my second choice online dating site.  (After my Separated Not Single attempts).  My computer goes wild.  There were pings and zapping sounds, even messages started showing up on my screen – “I think we have something in common – I’d like to know more about you.”  I found this statement remarkable given the only thing on my online dating profile was my online dating name.  Just one word had all this effect…..  Oh also perhaps that I was a NEW Eve…..

This is how my online dating journey began – me not really understanding what was happening. Over time I have learned that all at once:

  • I was being sent messages and
  • free hello signs of interest and
  • being asked to chat with Adams and
  • Adams were reading my online profile –

All with only one word on my dating profile.

What I was trying to do was input my online profile.  Working out what to write in my online profile was tricky enough – without these distractions.  I tried to find a balance of letting Adams know some aspects of my life, without being too specific, while trying to avoid cliches.

On one date with a very amusing Adam we laughed at the profiles that included:

  • likes a night out as well as a night in
  • loves the beach
  • I’ll try anything once and
  • I like an eclectic range of music.

It seems that Adams and Eves both use these cliches. Please avoid all of the above.

I do suggest that your profile says enough about what you enjoy to give Adams some idea of what you are like.  Online profiles never give a clear indication of what a person is like, but some are better than others.  On occassions I have read such a great profile I send a thank you message to the Adam.  The use of cliches can make for very repeatitive reading.  A unique profile is a breath of fresh air.

Be intriguing and be yourself.

Surely Eve

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