“All About Eve”

Dear Dater,

“All About Eve” is a 1950’s movie with a plot that slots perfectly into online dating .  The two are a match made in heaven.  There are: cougars; young hussies; aged-has-beens; jealousy; seduction; dinners; marriage; lies; Adams professing their love and promising to leave their wives; young Eves flirting with older Adams; and very likely older Adams flirting with young Eves.  Isn’t there a saying about there’s nothing new under the sun?

I am going to use “All About Eve” themes as a way to share my experiences with online dating.

Of course dating is “All About Eve”!!!

  • the glamour
  • the gowns
  • the desire
  • the drinks
  • the dinners
  • the seduction and
  • the suspense.

As my name is Surely Eve I am going to name my blogs based on my initials S.E.

Subjects like:

Of course you are an Eve too.  Or you may be an interested Adam wanting to get insights into what Eves want.  It is more fun when there’s more than one.  Isn’t that why we’re on this online dating journey?   So I want you to share your experiences with me.  To make this simple I have built in surveys at the end of each blog. Please fill these out, and press ‘Vote’, so we can see if our journeys are similar or different.

Here’s to you finding matches made in heaven.

Surely Eve

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