Selecting the Site Eve

Dear Dater,

Online dating sites are keen to offer their services to Eves and Adams.  This suits:

  • Adams who are keen to offer their services to Eves and
  • Eves who are keen to offer their services to Adams.

There’s no doubt that the real winner$$$$$ are the online dating sites.

When I began investigating online dating sites, I only knew about the sites advertised on TV.  This meant I knew about two sites.  I selected one – only to find it wouldn’t let me on it (see Separated Not Single Eve).  That left me with the other one (see Setting Up Your Profile Eve).

Since starting my journey I have found out about other sites (see Sticks and Twigs Eve). Online dating sites promote:

  • exclusive elitism,
  • the illusion of being free
  • matching properties
  • specific age groups,
  • sugar daddy sites where aged Adams cough up $4000 per date with young Eves or
  • Eves in lingerie.

Not surprisingly this last site has a user rate of 60% Adams and 40% Eves.  Most other sites have user rates  of around 52% Eves and 48% Adams.

Online dating site differences are not only in the marketing angles, but also the methods of payment.  Some charge flat rates for a given period, like six months or a year ($250).  Others charge you for tokens that allow you to message Adam for one month via the site.   The more tokens you purchase the cheaper they are and the longer they are active.  The costs of the tokens on this site range between around $5 (for 25 =$125)  and $15 (for 3 = $45).  Another site charges $50 per token. Sites also offer different levels of membership. If you want your site to remain hidden from all, except the Adams you select to see you – you pay a premium rate (from around $30 per month).

Online dating is certainly a money spinner.  One site claims 1000 new member a day.  Online dating sites are quick to email you when:

  • your tokens have run out – making you an offer to buy more
  • you haven’t visited the site for a while
  • you need to be enticed back with new Matches with Adams
  • it’s your birthday to give you free birthday token (valid for a week).

Good luck wending your way through the web of sites.

Surely Eve

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