Sticks and Twigs Eve

Dear Dater,
During a date, Adam pointed out a nearby newspaper headline on the latest online dating app.  I provided Adam with the dictionary definition of the app’s name.  Adam provided my with the origin of the dating app – developed for gay men wanting a quick shag, while assuring me he didn’t use the latest heterosexual app.  REALLY??????

Reading online reviews of the app I found one American guy who’d apparently been on an incredible 331 first dates in one week!!!!  I’m guessing he didn’t go to work that week, or maybe any week.  331 first dates in one week freaked me out.  In my years of online dating I still haven’t been on anywhere near that number.  Online dating has no rules; each person takes their own journey.  How you choose to do it is up to you.

How you meet people and what you choose to do is up to you and Adam.  I question why people would meet knowing nothing about the other person, except what they might look like (if their photo is reliable).  Just because Adam is on the other side of the street doesn’t mean there will be any connection between the two of you.  Seems to me that this app is for people who are just online dating for sex.  I recently read another review of the app where the author questioned why Eves would do this to themselves.  I have to agree with this sentiment.  The app is certainly not for me.

Take pride in yourself

Surely Eve

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