Starting Out Eve

Dear Dater,

Before I started online dating, I interviewed my friends about their experiences. Their stories included men who:

  • only visited the city once a week, or
  • had a new girlfriend who texted all their prior contacts to ‘stay away’.

I began to see my friends’ expectations were different to mine. My friends:

  • expected Adam to pay on the first date
  • wanted Adam to be a certain height
  • wanted to know how much Adam earned
  • met Adam’s parents without being in a sexual relationship.

I found that I could detect a suspicious Adam story from a thousand paces when I heard it from a friend. In hindsight, I also believe that I didn’t take on the content of these examples, but rather heard a single message like “You meet men” or “This is the only way to meet men”.With my research done I thought I’d give online dating a go!

Go on – give online dating a go

Surely Eve


5 thoughts on “Starting Out Eve

  1. Hi Eve, I’m from New Zealand, I haven’t had any positive experience with online or other dating for a while. not sure what to do now?? Take care.


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